Bradshaw's SMILEY 1st Graders!



Parent Orientation

Good Afternoon Parents! Check out this video for lots of great information about the things that go on at our wonderful school daily. Also visit the music, technology, art, and P.E pages to hear about activity classes.

CLICK HERE for Open House information

Unfortunately, McDuffie County Schools will start the 2020-2021 school year following the Virtual/ Learn from home model. I am thrilled to share this experience with both you and your child. I say this knowing that each person involved is an important piece of the bigger picture. I have tons of ideas and activities to bring to the class; however it is important that we work hard before we can play hard! As an educator I have made an unwritten vow to be a life-long learner. The virtual learning model is new to both me, as the teacher, and you and the students.  I AM READY TO TAKE ON ANY CHALLENGES THAT MAY COME MY WAY TO MAKE THIS VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE, A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!
**Be sure to click the "VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE VIDEO POST BELOW!!** I will also post the video in the google classroom this afternoon. You have to click to move to the next slide.)