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Hello there!  My name is Stephanie Hawkins.  I am a Kindergarten teacher at J.A. Maxwell Elementary School.  I have been teaching since 1998 in the McDuffie County school system.  Of those years, I have been teaching Kindergarten since 2005.  My co-teacher is Mrs. Silver Williams.  We have worked together since I began teaching Kindergarten.  
*Practice tying shoes
Language Arts:
*Sight words:  (the list is in the notebook)   Practice by having the child say the words and also writing the words
*Writing:  Have your child practice writing their name with correct letter formation.  Also have them write sentences/story about an event or something of their choice.  Another activity is to state a simple sentence and have the students write it; ex: I see the black cat.  
*Spelling: State a simple word and have the student spell it.  
*practice counting to 100 (or more) by 1's and 10's.  
*Identify numbers 0-20
*Write numbers 0-20
*Shapes: draw and make shapes with objects (toothpicks and marshmallows)
*Practice basic addition of numbers no higher than 10:  you can write down facts such as 2 + 2 and have students answer the problems.  They can draw symbols to find answers.  
*Practice subtraction of numbers no higher than 10: you can write down facts such as 5 - 2 and have the students answer the problems.  For subtraction they draw the number of symbols for the first number and then cross out the number being subtracted. 
Here are some links and activities you can utilize to help your child at home:  
youtube:  Jack Hartmann
Login: wbsupport
Password: distancelearn

Google Classroom

If we ever go to virtual learning, we will use Google Classroom for the lessons.  Each child will receive a school email address.  If you do not know their email address or student ID number, please text or email me.  Log in to your child's email (the password is their first initial, last initial, and their student number).  After logging onto their email, you can open the email to join the Google Classroom or click the google apps (top right corner/ has 9 dots).  Click on Classroom.  Type in my classroom code which is 3y73poh.  It is the responsibility of the child and parent to check daily on the assignments, videos, and activities.