Welcome to Resource !


Dear Family,

      Hello and welcome to Reading Resource ! My name is Jane Massey and I am a reading resource teacher serving kindergarten and first grade students at Maxwell Elementary. I have previously taught pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade. It has been my privilege to serve the students and families of McDuffie county for my entire thirty-three years in education. I currently work with a small group of 6 students, for an hour and fifteen minutes daily, on explicit reading skills. Reading skills are fundamental to all other areas of learning. It is very important that we work together to ensure your child has success as he/she develops these early reading skills. I look forward to a great partnership !

     If you should have any questions regarding our reading resource program, please contact me at [email protected] or call the school at 706-986-4800 .

                                                  I look forward to a great year !