Principal's Message

 I am the very proud principal of MES.  We are a family-oriented school with students, faculty, staff, and parents who take great pride in our school.  It is definitely our home away from home.  The foundation for a solid education begins right here in our pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade classrooms.  Your families have already begun the educational process at home, school, and community.  We have very high expectations for all of our students, as well as, for ourselves.  Of course, academics are a top priority while we focus on building well rounded citizens, which in turn, is critical to success. We work hard to ensure that our children are prepared in the areas of critical thinking, technology, and teamwork so that they are well on their way in being prepared and competitive in an ever changing and evolving global economy.
We know that our efforts must be collaborative in order to fully achieve our goals.  Please help us to grow these efforts.  An invitation will always be open for parents to become involved in the instructional process of our children.  Personal invitations are extended for you to participate and become involved in our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), educational parent programs, school celebrations, and many others.  We also encourage you to utilize Max's Den, our Parent Resource Room, for enrichment and/or supplemental educational activities that can be checked out for your use at home with your little one(s).
I look forward to the privilege of working with you.  By working together, we can form a partnership centered on achievement in the mind, body, and heart of all of the students at MES!  Please take a moment and watch us move this year.