Mrs. Moore's First Grade Class

There are a lot of changes happening, but we will get through it all together. The most important thing is that everyone stays healthy and safe! Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing links of activities for your child to complete and stories for your child to listen to! As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to message, call, or email me! 
The link below is a math packet. Have your child complete a page a day out of the packet.
After the packet, complete math facts. Below is a link called Fact Monster. This website makes completing math fact practice fun for students. You are able to do both addition and subtraction on this website. Also, reviewing the math flash cards that were sent home will be great to use during this time! :)
The link below is the read-aloud story called- Please Please The Bees. This story is all about a bear who goes through change and how he adapts to it.
Reading with your child everyday is VERY important. Below is a short reading passage with comprehension questions to complete. 
Happy Wednesday!!
I miss everyone and I hope all my kiddos are doing well. 
Below I have varies activities for students to complete. 
The link below is called Splash Learn. Parents, you can sign up for free! I recommend working on math facts skills and place value today! The second link is a place value review video that is on YouTube!
Here is a link for a worksheet that will help students with place value. We focus on using rods & cubes (counting by tens and adding the extra ones).
The link for math fact flash cards:
For reading, there is a passage linked below called Money is Funny. After reading the story, students are able to answer the comprehension questions that follow the story. 
Today's story is called Rainbow Fish. It is one of my favorite stories and a great listen for students!