Two McDuffie County Schools Named Title I Reward Schools

The Georgia Department of Education announced on Monday, October 2, that two McDuffie County schools were named 2023 Title I Reward Schools: J.A. Maxwell Elementary and Thomson Elementary. Title I Reward Schools are in the top five percent of Title I schools in the state with the greatest amount of progress in the “all students” sub-group achievement on statewide tests. Results are based on the most recent two years of reported data. In order to be named a Reward School, a Title I school must not be a Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI), Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI), or Promise school.

Only six CSRA schools earned the distinction of being named 2023 Title I Reward Schools, and a total of 75 schools in Georgia were on the list. A continuous commitment to improvement across the district helped propel both schools to this achievement. Both Maxwell Elementary and Thomson Elementary implement evidence-based practices, including:

  • Guided reading instruction using leveled texts, paired passages, and writing;
  • Georgia Department of Education math, science, and social studies lessons;
  • Individualized instruction based on a student’s needs;
  • Advanced content learning opportunities;
  • Early Intervention Program support teachers to provide additional reading, writing and mathematics instruction;
  • Co-teaching classrooms to ensure that all pupils are exposed to a rigorous curriculum with appropriate supports;
  • Retired teachers for reading and math support; and
  • On-going high-quality professional learning for staff members.

The McDuffie County School System salutes the staff, students, parents, and community for this honor, which recognizes their collaborative pursuit of excellence. The diligence of both schools is shared throughout the McDuffie County School System, where all team members are committed to ensuring graduates are prepared for college, careers, and life.